Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old school game / Permainan lama

Those were the times where there is no internet, no x-box, no PSP and no handphone.
So.... how did we spend our time.
There are a few of my favourites.

1. Sliding down the hill.
There is a primary school near my house called SRK Encik Buyong.
Then it seemed that the school was built on an elevated land that almost looked like a hill.
We used an empty box, flattened it and use it to slide down the 'hill'.
We would enjoyed it until late evening when its time to go home.

2. The London bridge.
In this game of course we will this song to sing...except that the pronounciation was way too far from the original song.
Here how it went.

Polindan, polindan
Landan bij is polindan
My fair lady.

Two person will hold each others hand making an arch for the others to go under.
They will catch one person and ask them on a secret code.
The caught person will choose.
This will go on until two groups are formed then ....I kinda forget how it ends...hehehe..
3. Triangle game /segitiga.
All you need is a ball..any ball...and three slippers.
There will be two team playing.
Who will start?
You have to do this paper-scissor-stone thingy to decide who starts.
The team that starts got to throw the ball at the slipper pyramid.
Once the slipper pyramid/triangle is down.
The opposite team will try to hit that team with the ball making sure they would not have enough time to rebuild the slipper triangle.
If they made it ...they scored one point.
If all were hit by the ball before they rebuild the triangle.
The opposite team got the chance to throw the ball.

4. Rondes (I think what it really meant was rounders)
It was a modified version of baseball without the bat.
The rules were almost the same.
Two teams.
The other team got to throw the ball in turns.
The four rest point was there for you stop if you could not manage to run the whole lap.
Then you would have to wait for the nest team member to throw the ball.

4. Batu seremban
Any numbers of players.
We need 7 stones.
Sitting down, throw the stones randomly on the floor.
Choose one stone for you to throw and leave the others for you to grab just in time to catch the stone that you had thrown.
Throw stone "A" up in the air...grab one stone..whilst catching stone "A" before it hits the floor.
Repeat by grabbing stones in twos and threes.
When you are done, put all the 7 stones in your palm.
Flip you hand and catch as many stones possible on the dorsum of your hand.

Typical seven stones used.

This is how you catch the stone at the end. The amount of stone caught is your mark.

5. Main dango/Playhouse
One of my favourites.
Of course we could not afford to buy the cute and nice looking toys available nowadays.
We just grab any unused plates or spoon that we can find.
Pluck all the flowers and leaves that we can find and cook!
Sometimes we went to the extreme.
Using a pot we put is some chocolate bars, eggs and flour till it turnes into kinda cake.
We actually ate it.
And the taste was goooood......

6. Tadpoles
In the field that we played there are a few puddles where tadpoles swim.
We used to pick these tadpoles by using our hands and wondered whether their mum will look for them in the other puddle.

7. The wargame
When our new house was under construction.
There were lots of bid holes for them to put the poles in.
We can actually play in it and hide.
We used this used 'amami' bottle, filled it with water for us to shoot our enemy who will be hiding in the next hole.
Game was done when the house was complete. Sigh.

Almost, except that is was more flattened.

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